Breast augmentation

Following breast augmentation surgery, hospitalization usually last an average of 12 to 24 hours. The patient can resume playing sports after the fourth week and exposure to sunlight should be avoided for at least a month.

Breast augmentation involves several risks. However, complications from breast implant surgery are rare. Infection after surgery is always possible however. Infection following placement of implants is possible and this requires the removal of the breast implant. Breast tenderness may also be reduced (3 to 15% of cases). Sometimes the breast implant moves and this condition may require a second surgery.

There is always a risk of breast implant rupture or deflation. This poses no threat nowadays since the implants are made of saline absorbed by the body without any problem. Pregnant women can breastfeed their child, even if they have breast implants. The cost of breast augmentation is quite high at the moment, around US$6.000.