Penelope Cruz Boob Job

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  1. Some of these actresses didn't go through surgery!
    Miss Cruz, for example... I remember her in those early spanish movies, and she's always been busty!
    And you can tell... no plastic surgery will ever give you that natural shape!
    About Miss Longoria... well...with the right bra, your breast look different!
    I have some professional pics where my breasts look much bigger than they really are... thanks to a push up!
    come on, people! Not all of these women went through breast augmentation, and you can easily tell which ones!

  2. Penelope Cruz had breast implants. You can tell because they are way too round to be natural(third picture) and her nipples don't get that pointy when she's cold.

  3. I cant tell if she did or not. But the bottom pics are great shots of her breasts. Whether natural or fake, she is looking great.

  4. i wanna suck her breasts lyk anythng.....
    as d other co-stars do with her