Smart Liposuction

Smart Liposuction, step by step

From the first consultation to the planning of hospital stay and health care administration, learn what happens during smart liposuction.

Before smart liposuction surgery

Smart liposuction is a surgical procedure that must be prepared several weeks in advance. During the initial consultation, you will be briefed about the main specifications (cost of intervention, fees, expected results ...) etc. You will also make an appointment with the anesthesiologist for a complete report of pre-operative (including blood tests) and decide if you are undergoing general or local anesthesia. Regarding your luggage, do not go overboard! Take the bare minimum.

Preparation for the smart liposuction intervention

You must arrive early on the morning of surgery: you need time to get settled in your room. Then you will meet the medical team and you can ask your last question to your surgeon before surgery. Generally, nurses administer pre-medication as a mild sedative, to allow patients that are a little anxious to calm down.

At the time of the smart liposuction surgery, you will be taken to the operating room, where the team is already there with specific instructions like installing drapes and diagrams to make incisions. The operation usually lasts between half-hour and two hours, depending on the amount of fat to remove. The anesthesiologist will then proceed to anesthesia, by injecting an infusion product that takes effect after a few minutes ...

After intervention

When your smart liposuction surgery is over, the medical team will take you back to your room, you'll be in recovery phase. It is also common to receive painkillers and sedatives to alleviate any pain and improve patient comfort. Regarding the duration of stay, you will stay in the hospital overnight. When you leave, (in the morning if all goes well) you can move and walk but probably with a little discomfort. After about a week, the post-op consultation takes place allowing the surgeon to perform a routine check and withdraw stitches. Enjoy your new smart liposuction!