Miley Cyrus Breast Enlargement

Miley Cyrus has denied reports she's had a boob job and is fed up with the focus on her weight.

Like many stars who enter the spotlight in their tweens, the 16-year-old's changing body shape has prompted gossip that she has had surgical help in order to boost her growing assets.

The Hannah Montana star fuelled the rumours herself when she took to the streets of L.A. for a jog recently - wearing a bikini top which left little to the imagination.But Miley is simply irritated by the gossip about her figure

She tells the latest issue of Glamour, "One thing that bugs me is people who say, 'Miley really needs to lose some weight' or 'She got her boobs done.'

"I did start out really skinny, but you're not going to have boobs when you're 12 years old.

"I'm like, 'What are you talking about - let me grow!'"