Botox Procedure

What is Botox?

Botox is a purified protein used to relax facial muscles that produce dynamic wrinkles, giving your face a more relaxed and refreshed appearance. It will soften expression lines and help to stop the development of the further deepening of lines.

Where Can Botox Be Injected?

Frown Lines

The crease between the eyebrows can often emit a frustrated and angry expression. Botox will soften this area and create a more relaxed look.
Forehead Wrinkles

Wrinkles of the upper brow can be minimized creating a more rested, relaxed appearance. It may also eliminate migraine and tension headaches.

Crows Feet

The lines around the eyes associated with squinting can be effectively treated with Botox. The result will produce a widening of the eye area and a refreshed appearance.
Botox ProcedureWhat Is Involved in the Procedure?

The treatment is performed in the office in approximately 10-15 minutes. A fine needle is used for the injection and discomfort associated with the treatment is minimal. Generally, a small amount of topical anaesthetic will be used for your comfort. Normal activities can be resumed immediately following your procedure.
How Long Will a Botox Treatment Last?

This is a non- permanent treatment option for wrinkle formations and the duration is approximately 4 months. However, after several treatments the effects of Botox may begin to last longer.

Is Botox Safe?

The cosmetic use of Botox was discovered in 1987. It has been used in more than 13 million aesthetic procedures since 2002 in the USA. Since its approval, reports of serious adverse events in patients receiving Botox ahve been rare.
Are There Any Side Effects?

There is a potential for slight bruising and a mild transient headache following a Botox treatment. In general side effects are rare.
Am I a Candidate for Botox?

Botox Statistics

* 2.8 million BOTOX Cosmetic® procedures were performed in the US in 2007
* BOTOX Cosmetic® has been the most popular cosmetic since 2000
* The number of BOTOX Cosmetic® procedures performed has increased 82% in the past 5 years

The Top 5 Non-Surgical Treatments Performed in the 2007 in the US

1. BOTOX Cosmetic® injections (2,775,176 procedures)
2. Hyaluronic Acids (1,448,716 procedures)
3. Laser Hair Removal (1,412,657 procedures)
4. Microdermabrasion (829,658 procedures)
5. IPL Laser Treatments (647,707 procedures)