Large Volume Liposuction

Large volume liposuction

Large volume liposuction is the fastest way to lose excessive fat. Several different types of liposuction procedures can be performed to lose weight. These procedure tend to focus on certain parts of the body. However, large volume liposuction is different. This liposuction procedure removes large volume of fat on all the body to achieve better results.

What is a large volume of fat? If your plastic surgeon removes more than five liters of fat from the body, it's considered to be a large volume liposuction. Imagine having 30 pounds of fat disappearing from your body, that's a very drastic change. The weight is gone forever and is permanent so large volume liposuction will do wonders to your figure.

However, there are negative effects that come with such a radical change. Unlike standard liposuction procedures, large volume liposuction is performed under general anesthesia. The recovery time is longer (weeks instead of days) and the skin may tend to be saggy. You will probably need a tummy tuck surgery performed to take care of the saggy skin.