Fat, our pillow protector, represents about 20% of the human body. It consists of a fixed number of cells that store fat. The swelling of these cells because of the fat is the cause of many weight problems.

Liposculpture: an advanced method

Now the tiny nozzles used for liposculpture allow entry smaller entry points, almost imperceptible, which do not require stitches. These very fine incisions close by themselves two or three days after the liposculpture surgery. These delicate probes cause depression, which enables the doctor to work close to the skin and obtain a smooth surface.

Liposculpture offers many advantages like fast healing and a harmonized result.

Local anesthesia Super Wet Technic is another significant step forward that avoids the complications of general anesthesia. The anesthetic solution, in addition to providing good analgesia, constricts blood vessels and makes the fabric firm, thus facilitating the work.
The greates advantage of liposcupture is the mobility allowed to the patient. Indeed, the patient can get up during the procedure, the actual effect of gravity on the mass of fat (saddlebags, for example) can be evaluated immediately. The physician has the option of working curves accordingly.

There is virtually no bleeding, bruising (bruises), swelling and pain. Liposculpture can also be done under general anesthesia which is injected with a solution containing adrenaline in tissues in order to consolidate and reduce bleeding.